Thursday, April 11, 2013

Streaming Hope is  a grass roots artist community that celebrates creativity and shares stories through the mediums of art, photography, spoken word, poetry, comedy, and music on the last Friday of the month. The atmosphere is inspiring and safe.  Whether a new or a veteran artist, we welcome you with the with the same enthusiasm.  The first thirty-40 min is an open mic (with 5 min slots), followed by a 13 artist showcase. The auidence is extremely attentive and the variety of performances leaves one captivated.  

Streaming Hope was started by 
Anto Boghokian, and was made possible by the Basilea and Hope Communities.  Every show has a unique team, and incredible artists that are dedicated to their craft. 

You may come in as an audience member or a an artist, but you leave as part of a family

List of ARTISTS showcasing at the GALA to come!

New EVENT! L O V E + D O E S Presents: Streaming HOPE Los Angeles Fundraising GALA 2013

We are very excited to be throwing our next event this April! You are more than welcome to join and be apart of investing into the future of Streaming Hope Los Angeles -which in turn gives artists a platform to shine! Streaming Hope Los Angeles has a vision that involves growing the platform they provide for local artists from the coffee shop to the Hollywood Bowl. Check out this VIDEO where the founder and director of Streaming Hope Los Angeles shares his vision. Purchase your TICKETS today!

Friday, February 15, 2013

L O V E + D O E S 
raising awareness for our friends at

The Imagine Foundation helps women, including survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence, to find their true identity. We provide an identity solution through education and awareness in schools, shelters and the community, and partner with the fashion industry to promote social change. We equip and empower women to live with dignity, value and worth to reach their full potential.
The Vision
We desire for women to know their true value and to live a life of true freedom.

Other efforts the foundation is involved in, include: 

watch this video!

From The IMAGINE Foundation:
"During the last 18 months, we have helped over 1,000 women aged between 17 and 80 years, through the Mirror Mirror Course. These women come from diverse backgrounds, including: Hispanic, African American, Asian and Caucasian. We have actively hosted and facilitated the Mirror Mirror Course at the Women’s Transitional Living Center in Orange County since January 2010, and at Crossroads Transitional Living Home since September 2011.
Women and children are admitted to the Women’s Transitional Living Center due to: domestic violence, human trafficking and abuse.
Women are admitted to Crossroads due to: being convicted of a crime, domestic violence, incest, abuse, drug abuse.
The women receive a clear message of freedom, along with foundational truth about their value and identity that many didn’t receive during early, formative stages of their lives.
We have also provided HOME BEAUTIFUL makeovers at the Women’s Transitional Living Center to help create an environment of value for the women to enjoy and appreciate during their difficult season at the facility.
The Mirror Mirror book was first published by Harper Collins Publishing Australia in 2005. Dianne Wilson also wrote the Mirror Mirror Course in 2005. That same year, Dianne was approached by the Salvation Army Employment Plus organization to facilitate the Mirror Mirror Course for long-term unemployed women aged 17-65.
The Mirror Mirror Course was a highly successful pre-vocational course that helped women who had very low self-esteem, be able to believe that they could learn and be equipped for their future.
There have been countless women, and in turn, families, helped and empowered though the truth found in the pages of the Mirror Mirror book and the Mirror Mirror course.
Some of the women in the Mirror Mirror course could not engage eye contact as they began, but by the end of the course, many had gone on to complete vocational training with great confidence, and many were placed in jobs prior to or immediately after the Mirror Mirror Course graduation, just eight weeks later."

L O V E  + D O E S 
This Saturday will be carrying some 
T H R E A D S swag for you to purchase!

Thank you T H R E A D S Team!

We are thrilled to announce that Antoine Edmonson will be performing live at our event.  We are so thankful for his heart to contribute to our venture! He is a talented Pop/Rap Artist that will bring energy to the dance floor and meaning to the music! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Antoine for sharing your talent and heart with us at  L O V E + D O E S. 
Let's see what love can do!

Monday, February 4, 2013

First Annual LOVE+DOES Soiree

Hello and Welcome to our official bogspot!

Jackie and I are excited to be launching the first of many events that contribute toward a great cause. This February we will be hosting a Valentine's Soiree that will raise money for the Imagine Foundation's Home Beautiful Project. The Home Beautiful project is an on going venture to help rebuild lives from the simple act of making a new found home, feel like home. We stock the fridge, furnish the house and decorate the walls. It's an easy way to say I love you to a family who needs our love. 

check out the organization we are supporting

Below is the invite on Facebook that we posted. Feel free to spread the word and bring your friends along. Have a blast and I will see you on the dance floor!

 I N V I T E 

Bring a date and some dancing shoes for a night under the stars in a quaint backyard. Strike a pose on the red carpet and take in a black and white silent film of a great love story. This is your opportunity to be a part of love put into action;

We are collecting donations toward The Imagine Foundation's HOME BEAUTIFUL project. This project remodels and prepares the homes of women who are given a second chance at life after being released out of protective custody. HOME BEAUTIFUL stocks the fridge and pantry with food, furnishes and decorates the apartment making it feel like home. We can be a part of this brand new start for these women.

Our goal is 1k. This is just a starting point. So bring your friends, and feel free to bring extra food and drinks if you prefer. We are looking forward to seeing you and enjoying a night of true love.


See you soon beautiful!